At SmartWithYou, we design comfortable, energy efficientsmart homes.

We modernize homes to improve the ease with which you go about your daily life.

Our solutions are built using mainstream brands that are simple to use, easy to install and most importantly, affordable.

What do you get?

Expert Advice

The possibilities of home automation devices can be rather overwhelming. We have meticulously tested the combinations of devices, hubs, and communication protocols to be able to offer a conclusive, customized solution to our clients.


With our trusted partner and distributor network, we are able to offer a cost effective alternative to other home automation installers while still including cutting edge technologies in our solutions.

Customized solution

Our Design My Smart Home tool allows you to personalize your home automation solution according to your home layout and project goals. The solutions we offer are customized to meet any expectations you have of your smart home.

Plug and Play or Turnkey

We will always configure and pair your devices for you, but depending on your preferences we can ship the products to you in a Plug & Play solution or have them installed by one of our trusted installers.

The brain: Fibaro Home Center

We choose to use the Fibaro Home Center as the hub of our installations. As the brain of your smart home, it allows you to control, communicate with, and monitor your smart devices through one App.

Home Control

Control the lights, cameras, sensors, speakers and other smart devices in your smart home from your smartphones or tablets even while you are away, through a single App.


Quickly access and control every aspect of your home:
heating and cooling systems, alarm systems, and lighting.

Fibaro app summary

Monitor and record the attributes of your home like the
temperature or energy usage in each room.


Control the devices located in each room: lights, camera, sensors or speakers.

Get your current energy consumption in one touch.
Check your last days or weeks' consumption.

What can automation do for you?



Connected smoke and carbon monoxide alarms can notify you of trouble even when you are away from the home.

Smart water sensors allow you to protect your home and belongings from leaks with notifications pushed right to your smartphone before the water causes costly damages.

Monitor the comings-and-goings with hub connected security cameras or door and window sensors. These devices allow you to make sure your loved ones and pets are safe while you are away on vacation or at work.

Smart lights can simulate your presence when you are away to discourage potential burglars.

Check the blog for more ideas about the security of your home.

 Energy efficiency

Smart plugs allow you to smarten any of the appliances in your house. Brew your coffee on demand or switch off appliances when they are not in use.

Connected thermostats allow you to save energy by monitoring the temperatures in your home and adjusting energy usage according to your family’s schedule.

Motion sensors allow you to automate your lights so that they turn off after your leave a room or turn on to light your entryway when someone gets home.

Check the blog for more ideas about energy efficiency.

energy efficiency

 Comfort & Entertainment

With smart lighting, recreate the perfect atmosphere colored ambiance.

Control your smart home while you are away or comfortably seated on your couch with a single App.

Check the blog for more ideas about home control or entertainment.


Some smart devices allow you to control your smart home with gestures: move your hand up to turn on your lights or move your hand down to turn them off.

Easily programmable remotes allow you to control your smart devices from anywhere in your home: switch your lights to blue with one button, turn off your appliances with another.

Check the blog for more ideas about smart command.