Get your smart home

Find the right equipment

Install it yourself or with the help of a professional

Enjoy your Smart Home


You hear about Home Automation everywhere and you want to improve your own place? You might think it is a tedious and complicated project. Don’t be scared : you can add comfort or security to your home quite simply. First, try to make a list of the things you would like to automate in your house.


Most of the time, security is associated with burglary. You should also consider the matter of your own safety.

Energy efficiency

Home automation can help you save money while protecting the environment without wasting energy.


Smart devices help you in being healthy. Add them to your home or wear them.

Comfort & Entertainment

Let your home assistant read you the news. Bring comfort and simplicity to your every-day use of the TV.


Reduce the time you spend on chores and focus on what’s important to you.


Lights are easy to automate and can help you with security, energy efficiency or comfort.